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Pediatrics for Parents Show 114 - Dr. Michelle Storms discusses the controversy surrounding circumcision. She reviews its history, the pros and cons of this surgery, and its humanitarian implications.  

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Pediatrics for Parents Show 111 - Joanne LaSpina Discusses Anesthesia in Children

Pediatrics for Parents Show 111 - Joanne LaSpina discusses anesthesia in children, the questions to ask your child's surgeon and anesthesiologist, and how to answer your child's questions about the surgery and anesthesia.

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Pediatrics for Parents Show 110 - Dr. Jordana Mansbacher discusses her work in child psychology. She also talks about pica and eating discoders and gives advise on raising children with high self-esteem.

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Pediatrics for Parents show 108- Craig A. Anderson, PhD, discusses the affects violent video games and other media have on our children. He recommends ways for parents to deal with this pervasive type of media.

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Pediatrics for Parents Show 107- Short Stature


Pediatrics for Parents Show 107 - Dr. Benjamin Nwosu discusses growth problems including short stature and children who are too tall. He explains the causes of growth problems and the various treatment options.


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