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Pediatrics for Parents Show 49 - Dr. Alvin Eden discusses moving your baby from breast to bottle feeding, ear infections and antibiotic resistance, Vikki Sloviter has the latest in product safety recalls, and I discuss how I make the podcast.
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Dr. Hawley Montgomery-Downs explains her work on infant sleep problems, the meaning of infant snoring, and the effects of passive tobacco exposure on infant sleep patterns.
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Pediartics for Parents Show 47 - Pediatrics news, night terrors, iron deficiency, safety news, and more. Pediartics for Parents Show 47 - Pediatrics news, high terrors, iron deficiency, product safety news, and more. Lynn Masters-Zalenski discusses night terrors, Dr. Alvin Eden talks about iron deficiency, Vikki Sloviter tells you about recent product safety recalls, and more.
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